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High Littleton & Hallatrow
History and Parish Records


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 Mendip Queen

1950's "Mendip Queen" 33 seater luxury coach kept by Wilfred James and his brothers at The Laurels in the High Street

Hallatrow Station

Hallatrow Station 1963

  Map of Paulton Halt

Map of Paulton Halt

  Paulton Halt

Paulton Halt

Road and Rail

In this day and age one takes for granted the fact that roads are where they are. We give less thought as to when they were built or who maintained them. This section does not provide all the answers but does deal with how the A37 and A39, which serve the parish today, grew out of the old Bristol and Bath Turnpike Roads.  One can also see where the old milestones were located and read something of the history of the Toll house and gate at White Cross and the names of some of the gate keepers.

The minor roads were maintained by the parish until Victorian times. The names of the waywardens, whose responsibility it was to attend to the maintenance are listed, where known. This section also deals with an old road that is no more. 

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The Turnpike Roads of High Littleton and Hallatrow
Roads and Road Maintenance
The Lost Road to Temple Cloud

Newcomers to the parish may be forgiven for not realising that there was once a thriving railway station at Hallatrow or that there was another place in the parish, where one could catch a train, namely Paulton Halt.

This section deals briefly with the coming of the railway to Hallatrow in 1873, the opening of the Camerton Branch line in 1882 and the extension of the Cam Valley Line in 1910.

The passenger service at Hallatrow closed in 1959, followed by the goods service five years later, killed off in time by the closure of the local coal pits and competition from cheaper and more convenient modes of transport.

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The Railway comes to Hallatrow 1873, The Camerton Branch Line 1882 and The Cam Valley Line 1910